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Residential development should consider acoustic implications of the works. For new builds, ensuring the environs of the new build is suitable and what existing noise sources need to be considered and potentially mitigated against. For renovation works, ensuring the works that are proposed will improve the quality of the building overall. These assessments ensure that the residential buildings will achieve building requirements suitable for living.

New Build

Our long standing involvement with the Robust Details programme, for which we provide inspection and test services, and our development work with a number of builders trying new constructions and systems has helped us to build up an enviable database of test data and site experience.  We can assess, analyse, review, predict and test as well as just give a gut feel indication as to whether something is likely to work or not.

Getting residential developments to work first time for acoustics is easy if the system is tried and tested and the proposals (and site) are identical in every way to the ones you built successfully last time.  It's for all the other ones that you'll need our help.

Conversion & Historic

Delivering acceptable acoustic conditions under the constraints of a listed or historic building can prove to be a real challenge.  We pride ourselves on providing optimised and cost effective acoustic solutions together with realistic expectation management.  This can include auralised demonstrations of internal noise levels and acoustic characteristics so that key players can gain an appreciation of how their completed development could sound depending on key (usually cost based) decisions. 

Sound Testing (Registered for PCT under ANC or UKAS)

We’re not going to bore you with all the details of Approved Document E or Building Bulletin 93 or the gobbledegook that they contain.  Rest assured, however, that we know it inside out, and know exactly what testing and reporting is required to get sign-off from the regulatory body or BREEAM assessor.  

Our testing fees also include for an extra service that other testers might not offer or be capable of undertaking.  We LISTEN and, if we have reason to believe that the sound insulation performance might not meet the requirement, we will undertake a preliminary diagnosis.  We will then discuss this with you before leaving site (or on the phone soon after) so that you are ready to undertake the necessary remedial measures in the event of failed tests and you will be more aware on your next build.  We will have to report test failures to the regulatory body (it’s inherent in our Association of Noise Consultants’ accreditation that we do) and we can’t promise to diagnose all issues without a repeat site visit using more specialist investigative equipment/techniques, but it’s a service that many of our clients value.  

We are also able to undertake testing out of hours, so avoiding conflicts with other trades and the subsequent delays.  Helpful when your handover date is looming.