Low frequency noise

As experts in acoustics, noise control and vibration issues, there are a great number of services we are able to provide which touch on a remarkable range of fields.  

We can provide expert testimony to a court as to whether a dwelling has been built to the legally required standards of sound insulation or whether a certain individual, on a certain day could have clearly heard what another had shouted at them through a motorcycle helmet.  

We can assess the likely range of disturbance to marine mammals from proposed piling, and we can tell you whether or not egg-boxes on the wall of your den will make any difference to how your drum kit sounds.

Areas in which we are less successful, however, include:

Making your neighbours’ dog stop barking

Stopping freight trains waking light sleepers

Changing people’s nocturnal habits or choice in music

So although, of course, we are delighted to have enquiries for consultancy projects in areas we may be able to assist, the first ports of call for neighbour nuisance related issues should be (in order); your neighbours, the local authority environmental health department and the police.

low noise

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