Gyms & Fitness Studios

The assessment of gyms and fitness studios in mixed use developments has become something of a speciality at CSA. We have advised on hundreds of sites, often converted office or retail space with similar uses next door, above or below; but also often included as part of a residential development. Some new build residential schemes include a suitable space allocation for a gym use, but without building the neighbour noise implications of the use into the design.

CSA has developed a barrage of pre-let screening tests to establish the suitability of a host building for occupation as a gym or fitness studio. This includes more detailed tests of the natural response frequencies and damping characteristics of the host building which we believe are fundamental to predicting, and mitigating, the noise impact most accurately. In the vast majority of cases this has resulted in a practical fitout solution for the operator to enable them to co-exist with their neighbours. In a vanishingly small number of cases our advice to walk away from a fundamentally untenable situation has at least come early enough to minimise sunk cost.

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